Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bad Mama

Sorry it has been forever since I posted. I have been working in the office since October since I changed positions in the company. I will be returning to work from home within the next two weeks. The company has built a new corporate headquarters and I do not have a cubicle in the new building. My boss said I have to be home by then. I have been bugging her for the last month to let me do more to get more comfortable with the different kinds of cases I will be needing to do. I got my second of the more complex cases Friday. It has been frustrating.

Anyway, enough about work. Home life is pretty stagnant. The dogs are crated about 20 hours a day. I feel really bad about that. They are both getting really fat and we are having some behavioral issues. They are probably just really bored. I keep telling them things will get back to normal in a little bit.

I am still working on learning the cello. I actually had a practice this last week that sounded somewhat musical. I was ecstatic.

Was gonna post some pics but the camera batteries are dead. Maybe next time.

Just got my passport in the mail. OMG, I actually took a semi-photogenic picture. Its the best picture of me I've seen in about 20 years. I got the passport because I am going to Spain for 2 weeks in April. My niece is doing a semester abroad and I am going to visit her. I am really excited and can't wait to see her.

Freaky, weird weather in Texas this year. Was 70 on Tuesday and we had an ice storm on Thursday. Weird.

Miss everyone in Minnesota and still have the fantasy of moving back home one day.

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